About Mike

Mike O’Quin Jr. lived in Indonesia for 14 years with his family, where he served as a social entrepreneur and was involved in community development. He is the author of Java Wake, a travel suspense novel set there which Kirkus Reviews called “an atmospheric debut.” His second book, Growing Desperate, is about God meeting us in the broken places of our lives and sending us out with His hope into a desperate world. His third book, Unearthing Heaven, is about finding life motivation through imagining and meditating on a future day of honor in heaven known as the “Judgment Seat of Christ.” He believes this lost truth in recent church history is the still the highest-octane way to run life’s race.

Mike studied journalism and psychology at Baylor University and completed a master’s degree in organizational psychology at William James College. He is passionate about helping people and teams reach their fullest potential and seeing God’s glory revealed in the least likely places.

He is happily married to his high school sweetheart Stephanie and they have four children, ranging from middle school to college-aged and beyond. He loves hearing and telling stories with friends around tables at good meals, and can still make all of his kids’ eyes roll with his corny dad jokes.

You can find Mike on Instagram @mikeoquin, Twitter @mikeoquin, and follow him along by subscribing to this blog. Contact him about speaking to your group.