EQ for Spiritual Leaders: Self-Regulation

The Apostle Paul described it 2,000 years ago, identifying this amazing super-power quality as being so remarkable and rare that it is evidence of the Spirit of the Creator within a person. Now researchers are finding that the ability to regulate oneself is an instrumental quality in all aspects of effectiveness. Listen in as Paul Richardson, author of A Certain Risk, and Mike O’Quin, author of Growing Desperate, discuss how to deal with our primal impulses and where they come from, how trust is the currency of leadership, and the answer to one of philosophy’s most enduring questions, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Enjoy.

EQ for Spiritual Leaders (Part Three)

1 thought on “EQ for Spiritual Leaders: Self-Regulation

  1. This was really helpful for where I am right now in relating to people I work with. Thank you for sharing it. Now I need to listen to it a second time…

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