motivationWhat gets you out of bed on Monday morning?  Researchers have consistently found that intrinsic motivation in leaders’ lives beat extrinsic motivation hands down.  A person with a desire to make a difference in the world is going to be more passionate and find more joy in their work over the long-term than someone only seeking a bigger salary.  “A passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status,” [i] is the way Daniel Goleman defines motivation, one of his five categories of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  How can you find more joy and meaning in your work or ministry?  How can you find that thing that you were created to do?  In this audio podcast, part four in a six-part series on Emotional Intelligence, Paul Richardson, author of A Certain Risk, and Mike O’Quin, author of Growing Desperate, discuss how to find the secret sauce of intrinsic motivation in your life.  Rev up your perpetual motion engine!

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EQ for Spiritual Leaders (Part Four)

[i] What Makes a Leader? Goleman, Daniel. 1998, Harvard Business Review, pp. 1-13.