rob williams“We’re all stories being written,” says Rob Williams, author of the young adult novel, “Thinkwave.” In this audio podcast, Mike O’Quin interviews Rob on why our hearts resonate with parables so much and why Jesus often conveyed timeless truths through everyday stories. Rob’s novel is a parable on the renewing of the mind, aimed at young hearts. In this conversation he describes the process of creating this science-fiction adventure story, and offers encouragement for aspiring authors with stories stirring in their own hearts.

From the back cover: “A malevolent force is on the move. Even Ecclon, the lone planet that is able to halt the onslaught of the enemy, is in peril. Hope now rests on the shoulders of a thirteen-year-old human boy. Harvey George is unexpectedly warped to another dimension where he encounters creatures beyond his wildest dreams. His mission, if successful, will forever change his life and, indeed, the future of every other world. Armed with only his thoughts and accompanied by a mischievous alien hound dog, Harvey must quickly learn to combat the malicious power.”

You can listen to the first two chapters of Thinkwave for free by clicking here and see Rob’s author blog for more on this novel and other articles. Click below to hear this conversation or search for “Faith Activators” on iTunes or Android to subscribe to this podcast.