Java Wake

Stephen Cranton’s mid-life crisis is coming on a decade too early. On a business trip to Indonesia, he evaluates his heartless life after getting challenged by an obnoxious adventure guide on his flight. Soon after landing, Stephen tries to spice up his stale life with a brazen act of spontaneity. Bad move. His impulsiveness sets off a chain of events that leaves in its wake new friends and enemies, along with his wife who is longing for love and desperate enough to fly to Java for a last-ditch marriage intervention. Stephen finds he is desperate enough already, living inside a nightmare that he can’t seem to escape. But will the ordeal be enough to wake up his sleeping heart?

Growing Desperate

No Other Options.

Desperate people stop Jesus in His tracks…think of the woman hemorrhaging for 12 long years, despondent that all remedies up to that point had proven worthless. The only option left for her was to grab the robe of the miracle man as He walked by. Jesus affirmed her courage, healed her, called her daughter, and blessed her in peace.

Jesus admires your gut-honest desperation more than your religious self-sufficiency. It attracts Him like nothing else. 

What is your greatest place of desperation right now?

Cruel circumstances, fractured relationships, bruised emotions and aching loneliness—God meets us in the desperate places of our lives, fights and delights to restore us, and sends us out into a world full of desperate people.