The Welsh Revival

welsh revival

The world had never seen anything like it.  During 1904 in Wales, an unprecedented spiritual awakening swept over that country, bringing over 100,000 people to Christ, filling churches and prayer meetings to overflowing, and transforming society.  People were so absorbed with the things of heaven that popular sporting events had to be cancelled.  The cry of people in this movement was “Lord, bend me!” asking God to soften their hearts and bend their wills to His.

In this audio podcast, Mike O’Quin interviews Shane Harris who has been researching past revivals and shares his research into this phenomenal move of God.  They discuss the flavor, biblical themes and mind-boggling testimonies of this movement, hopefully to stir a greater spiritual hunger for more of God’s manifest presence in our times.  In next week’s podcast, the third and final of this series, they will pull principles from both the Fulton Street Revival (last week’s podcast) and the Welsh Revival to see how it might impact us today.

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