A Lady of Legacy

Lillian DicksonListen to Paul and Mike talk about one of their heroes, a fiery little lady named Lillian Dickson who poured out her life for the tribal peoples of Taiwan. They touch on her legacy, how she founded Mustard Seed International in the 1950's, and some modern MSI heroes.

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1 thought on “A Lady of Legacy

  1. I met this little lady back in the 1960’s in a little Presbyterian church near my small town in Illinois, probably on one of her trips to the U.S. to raise money. Just a teenager at that time, I was so touched by her heart for these people in Taiwan. I bought her book Angel at Her Shoulder. Eventually I donated it at some point but I never forgot her. I am now helping in a children’s group at my church on Wednesday nights with 5th graders. Our focus is missionaries. After researching another missionary to India, God brought the memories of the little lady playing the accordion and singing back to life in my mind, so I started researching Lillian again online. I found her book These My People online and was delighted to read her story in her own words. I also found Angel at Her Shoulder and read that one again. What inspiration! We are going to be including a lesson next year about her to our 5th graders. Thank you for your words about her on your website. God bless.

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